Hello, I am Calvin M. Wolff, PhD, P.E.

I am what some call a “Global Warming Skeptic”, or more accurately a “Luke Warmer”. I believe that man-made carbon dioxide (CO2) affects climate, but not catastrophically. The intent of this opus is to support and explain my conviction, providing proof that in most cases can be tracked and verified by the reader (do-it-yourself)..

Please see “Why I’m Into Energy”

Climate, in the sense of annual average global surface temperature, is affected by the following:200_cmwidahobmp

  • Direct Light from the Sun (Insolation)
  • Ocean Currents & Oscillations, Including El Niňo and La Niňa
  • CO2
  • Clouds
  • Sunspots and Cosmic Rays (which effect cloud formation)
  • Volcanic Activity
  • Oceanic Absorption of CO2
  • Plant Life

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A PowerPoint based, 58 slide tutorial is provided in here to be used as a basis for a lecture on the subject.   See menu above.  It is available as a PowerPoint and PDF files.

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